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Azure Stack Development Kit – Installer (on USB)

If you want to deploy the Azure Stack Development Kit, the deployment guide instructs you to install a clean Windows 2012R2 or 2016 server OS on the physical host to then configure it to boot from the CloudBuilder VHDX on the C drive. In this blogpost the initial installation of Windows 2012R2 / 2016 is […]

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Azure Stack Development Kit – Routing Mode (removing NAT)

When you install Azure Stack Development Kit it is a completely isolated service with multiple networks. It means that your Azure Services (such as ADFS, the portal and AD) are not available outside of the box at all. But what if you wanted to use the Azure Stack DK from multiple computers?  or in our […]

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Azure Stack Development Kit – Deployment overview (troubles)

Side Note: The experience of ASDK as described in this post are based on the late July bits of Azure Stack on a Dell T710. Future experience might (I certainly hope so..) be better and more integrated..  The T710 described in an earlier topic was purchased to run Azure Stack. And while I’m still waiting […]

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