DataWiza – Secure Hybrid Access done right

As you might have noticed, the last few posts are all about identity and the so called Secure Hybrid Access solutions. This one fall under that same category and is not sponsored by, but I did get a test account from them…. Active Directory or any identity store is usually used as the primary source […]

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In all our previous posts we had the user sign-up flow take control of the actual creation of the user in Azure AD. The problem with that flow is that if we want to add the user to a group or perform other functions on it (like adding additional attributes) we would have to reply […]

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Azure AD – External Identities (I)

Let’s say you have an application that you want your vendors to access. If this application is Azure AD joined you could create a separate account, you could invite them as a guest using their email address, you can even add their domain name as a connected organization, or you could use external identities. That […]

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