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Azure Availability Sets & Azure Capacity

How to move a large number of VM’s between AVsets This topic is to introduce a new script that helps with deployments in Azure Availability Sets, I actually had a few reasons for writing the script, Capacity Errors and Proximity Groups AV Set Capacity When you deploy a new VM to an Availability Set in, […]

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Exclusive: Azure Gateway OpenVPN P2S profile creator

Since only a few days (and for the few that read this before the Ignite launch: in a few days) the Azure Virtual Network Gateway will support P2S connections based on OpenVPN. This means that the connections from all your clients to Azure networks becomes a whole lot easier. Connect with your phone, tablet, Mac […]

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In my previous post I mentioned the way to create a USB/ISO for booting / installing the ASDK system. Now I’ve automated the creation of the ISO image (so you don’t have to) and with Microsoft buying GitHub, I also pushed all the code onto GitHub as well.  In there you will find the following […]

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Enable/Disable Accelerated Networking on Azure VM’s

Microsoft Azure has the option to enable Accelerated Networking on VM’s. More information on the feature can be found here but this post is not to tell you about what good it does nor how it works.. no, this post is to introduce a new script that will enable/disable the function for you! update: it’s […]

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Azure Stack Development Kit – Installer (on USB)

If you want to deploy the Azure Stack Development Kit, the deployment guide instructs you to install a clean Windows 2012R2 or 2016 server OS on the physical host to then configure it to boot from the CloudBuilder VHDX on the C drive. In this blogpost the initial installation of Windows 2012R2 / 2016 is […]

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Add disks to VMs in Azure

Sometimes you have the need to add additional disks to VM’s in Azure.. and if you happen to manage a big farm of servers and all servers need to have additional disks, you find yourself in the portal a lot.. or in Powershell hacking your way through variables and collections..

This script will help you adding one or multiple disks to a single VM, all VM’s in a ResourceGroup or all VM’s in a ResourceGroup starting with a particular name Read more

Import/Export Active Directory data…

I was trying to get a test environment up and running that should reflect the production environment of my customer (off course at the customers site.. secured and all).. one task was to duplicate the OU structure, group structure and user information (without passwords). Browsing through the web I found a VBS script that can […]

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Query AD for information

So.. been busy lately.. but here’s a new topic.. Windows 2008? R2? Kerberos? No.. it’s scripting..

I had a customer who wanted to extract information from AD by a custom application. Offcourse we could open port 389 and have them extract the info.. but perhaps it would be easier to just query the Global Catalog (if the info you want is in there)..

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Group Policy Preferences ready?

When introducing the Group Policy Preferences in your organization, you need to make sure all your systems have the Client Side Extensions software installed. This CSE package can be distributed by WSUS but can also be deployed separately. But for GPP to work you must also have XMLLite installed if your IE version is below 7.

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Cross-forest Authenticate in VBS

So the problem:

All mailboxes of the users are migrated to a central Exchange server, comming from various Exchange 5.5/2003/2003 mailservers (contact me if you want to know how 🙂 ) . and mailboxes where cloned.. now the client needs to be pointed to the new exchange server else Outlook will not work. The challenge, how do you change your mapi profile.

We had 4 scenario’s

1: The domain is NT4 no trust or no domain at all!
2: The domain the user is in, has a trust with the Exchange domain
3 The domain the user is in is a Windows 2000/2003/2008 domain no trust
4: The user is in the domain

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