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In these last and future posts we will be building an image with the Azure Image Builder. The Image builder takes a standard OS (from the marketplace or your image gallery) and runs a number of scripts against that image fully automated. In this post goes into creating those scripts that the customizer can use […]

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Delegated Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

When deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure you can use all the administrative credentials you can find as per the guide. But what if you are in a more “regular” environment where you don’t have “Domain Admin” and “Global Admin” permissions? In that case, you follow this post where we will look at who needs […]

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Windows Virtual Desktop – Group Sync script

In my previous post, you read about how to setup a full WVD environment. As you may have noticed, providing permissions to the applications or desktops can only be done using PowerShell (at the time of writing this article). This was a bit odd for me, as many enterprises use AD / AAD groups to […]

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