Safari 4.0 beta is out

I am one of the few people using Safari next to IE(7/8) as their standard browser during day to day internet surfing. Many try to get me into Firefox with all the new applets and plugins like password and URL sync between hosts.. but nothing beats the new Safari 4.0 is my humble opinon… finally someone who understands (at least my) needs. I just want to browse some website, view some info and then move on.. I do not want half of my screen covered with additional info about the browser and what it can do for me.. make suggestions, have file, edit action print, about and help(?) available at all times.. no I want (as Philips said) simplicity.. and that is what Safari 4.0 does.. just the basics (in gray hurray!) along with a fantastic feature called Top Sites. Whenever you open a new tab, it shows you the sites you went the most (please Apple make it configurable…).. including thumbnails of the sites just visited. The history is not a simple list anymore (it can be).. but is now browsable just like your albums in iTunes (which I do not use; GO ZUNE!), again including thumbnails.. go check it out on