Day: April 29, 2010

CCF 2009 simple architecture

I’ve been working with CCF the last days, CCF you say what is that? Well its a product from Microsoft that can be used to enhance the experience of users when working with multiple applications that require the same input. Say we have a call center with many applications. When a customer calls the agent asks for your zip code or address. Then you state your problem and the agent needs to open a different program and re-enter your zip code, then the company needs to send you a package and for that application he again needs your address details.. annoying for you (every time the agent asks you for your creds and even more annoying for the call center agent since he/she has to type the same info multiple times.

So CCF can help you with requires a lot of programming to integrate all the apps, but it could be worth it.. are you designing CCF? are you interested in the architecture.. check out this post …

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IIS & Kerberos Kernel Mode

A new post about kerberos.. indeed some techno stuff nobody seems to understand but is very important for security. A new feature in Windows 2008 IIS7 is the kernel mode support, what does it do, and more important how can it help you?

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